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About Us

The Zurich Method is developed by the Zurich Lab, a network of innovation strategists, digitalisation specialists, IT-experts, economists, lawyers, and social scientists. We work across disciplines to develop the collective intelligence required for clever solutions.

Our Core Team

Fabian Steiner


With 10+ years experience in building digital products and services, Fabian is specialised in early stage ventures. A historian by training, Fabian is a digital creator and tinkerer by vocation, coding since a very early age. He heads a  boutique blockchain and digitalisation consultancy and is the co-leader of the think-and-do- tank Sustainable FinTech

Ivo Scherrer


As the co-founder of two think tanks, Ivo has 10 years of experience of helping groups develop pertinent new ideas. Ivo is a trained economic analyst, specialised in energy, infrastructure, and real estate markets. Inter alia, he’s worked for ETH and the OECD. Occasionally, he writes for Swiss newspapers on economic policy, public governance, and political philosophy.

Nicola Forster


A trained lawyer, Nicola dedicates his time to building new ventures. He is the founding president of the Swiss think tank “foraus” as well as of the public innovation consultancy “Staatslabor”, of the Global Shapers Bern (WEF), and of the consultancy “Crstl”. He serves as the President of Science et Cité and as the Co-President of the Green Liberal Party in the Canton of Zurich.

Our Associated Specialists

Selina Simmen

Finance & Tech

Cyrill Gössi

ML/AI, Crypto, Financial Maths

Dr. Andreas Beerli

Economic Analysis

Alenka Bonnard

Strategy & Product Innovation

Dr. Adina Rom

Impact Analysis
Our Institutional Partners

We are looking forward to hearing from you

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