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The Zurich Method

With our structured approach to innovation we help you capture new markets. We guide you all the way – from developing resilient strategies to prototyping new products and services.

A systematic approach to innovation

We help you translate fundamental uncertainty about the future into pertinent new services and products.  We do so by combining analytical and creative tools in a systematic, iterative, and strategic manner.

Transforming change into opportunity

Social norms and consumer preferences are continuously evolving while new technologies uproot industries at incredible speed. We help you capture the opportunities that come with constant transformation.

Our Services

Workshops and Coaching

Our trainings empower you to use the most relevant innovation techniques in your organisation. We follow-up with tailored coaching sessions to assist you in implementing your ideas.

Consulting and Research

We accompany your innovation efforts from inception to the delivery of viable prototypes. We combine far-sighted strategic reasoning with on-the-ground user-centric development.

Our Three-Step Method

We develop pertinent new products and services in the scope of our stringent innovation process. Our approach is based on three pillars.

1. Strategy Creation

We analyse key trends and bundle them into plausible futures. We then derive specific challenges & opportunities and distill your organisation’s strategic positioning.

2. Ideation

We identify unmet customer needs. To find innovative product and service ideas, we ideate widely before selecting and  refining ideas into concrete business proposals.

3. Prototyping

We prototype and test product and service design. We maximise the effectiveness of our prototypes by integrating early feedback from
potential users.

We love complex problems!

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and thus able to leverage our own start-up and venture-building experience. As an innovation network, we work across disciplines, and co-create with our clients.

Some Of Our Tools

Strategic Foresight

Keeping the big picture in mind with Horizon Scanning, Scenario Planning, Visioning, SWOT-Analysis

System Analysis

Analysing structural trends and key drivers of relevant technological, economic, and political systems.

Consumer Research

Taking a long-term perspective on the evolution of customer preferences by using tools from the social sciences.

User-Centric Design

Identifying specify needs by using ideation techniques such as Personas or Open Situation Rooms.

Competition War Gaming

Testing ideas with customers and competitors in inter-active settings such as War Games.

Minimum Viable Products

Rapidly developing prototypes for new products and services. Moving fast, failing fast, succeeding fast.

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